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KPMG DealTech: Pricing & modelling

KPMG DealTech: Pricing & modelling

Anyone can make a prediction, but instinct and guesswork have had their day.


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Your pricing decisions rely on robust financial and business modelling. KPMG DealTech eliminates the guesswork by swiftly evaluating your options to deliver strategic clarity and decisive confidence. Early insights for value-driven discussions flow from KPMG Target Value Platform’s (TVP) rapid value-scanning functionality.

With the potential to deliver crucial business intelligence within three days, you could be exploring value improvement opportunities, prioritisation of initiatives for upside value and implementation planning at a very early stage of the deal cycle.

Building an even richer picture of the deal landscape, KPMG DealTech drills deeper into company data using KPMG Strategic Profitability Insights (SPI). This powerful analytical capability joins the dots to show you the precise risks and opportunities attached to your deal. Whatever your target, KPMG DealTech’s integrated platform supports your decisions.

Accurate and reliable future projections

  • Regulation-compliant models can support any shape and size deal
  • Best-practice projections and valuations drive confident decision-making
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis can give a rounded view of value opportunity
  • 1000-day strategy implementation plans can offer long-term assurance

Swift and agile option analysis

  • Brisk evaluation of relevant options and scenarios identifies value quickly
  • Three day turnaround for initial analysis can provide immediate intelligence
  • Rigorous analysis by KPMG teams offer clarity on deal potential
  • Real-time adjustments of projections support early impact assessments

No-nonsense visualisation

  • Easy-to-use modelling and intuitive dashboards give you a clearer view of the value
  • Interactive tools help to prioritise opportunity areas and implementation strategies
  • Benchmarking and reporting models come with simple, purpose-built interfaces

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