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KPMG DealTech: Data enhancement & insight

KPMG DealTech: Data enhancement & insight

Own the data that can help you win.


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KPMG DealTech: Data enhancement & insight - tap with running water

KPMG DealTech’s predictive analytics functionality is powered by KPMG Strategic Profitability Insights (SPI).

Taking financial analysis to new levels of perception, SPI digs deeper into company data so you can rapidly expose the precise strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities attached to your deal.

Buy-side or sell-side, you can go beyond the core trends and understand the detail-rich bigger picture at deal speed. Leveraging this analytical power alongside extensive deal experience, KPMG DealTech makes sense of raw, messy data, saving time and sealing value.

Efficiently validating and enhancing data, a centralised database provides a single, reliable source of truth with a clear paper-trail.

KPMG DealTech carries out the groundwork to give your deal robust foundations.

A single source of information

  • Integration of disparate, multi-source datasets can build a broader, stronger picture
  • Access for multiple users across geographical locations drives quality of input
  • Rigorous checks and controls can provide peace of mind.

Data integrity

  • Data cleaning and correction backed with a full audit trail for greater transparency
  • KPMG proprietary code enriches raw data
  • Efficient, repeatable processes can deliver reliable datasets at deal speed

Powerful insights

  • Less time correcting flawed data means more time for value-adding analysis
  • Deep transactional data can provide granular detail and signposting to value
  • Predictive analytics improve the assessment of both opportunity and risk
  • Interactive analytics show the impact of external dynamics on business profitability

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