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KPMG DealTech: Collaboration & execution

KPMG DealTech: Collaboration & execution

Faster, smoother deal execution stems from streamlined processes and collaborative working.


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What if you could optimise your deal by centralising the mountain of information going back and forth during the deal cycle?

This is your invitation to KPMG’s DealRoom. Our secure, integrated data room, built by deal-makers, provides a single space for the deal journey from preparation to sale.

This is where you can access the power of technology, KPMG’s broad experience and a global network of buyers, sellers, advisors and market-makers in one dynamic, secure space.

Global convenience with absolute confidence

  • Enterprise level security protects information, without a loss of fidelity
  • Easy online set-up can get the deal moving and off the table quickly
  • Interact with the right people via a globally accessible platform

Simpler deal management

  • Real-time Q&A functionality can eliminate lag and expedite execution
  • One-stop due diligence and integration drives smoother deal flow
  • One community for buyers, sellers, advisors and market-makers

Broad ranging support from KPMG

  • Easy access to industry knowledge and deal experience
  • Flexible teams can bring fast resolution of queries and problems
  • Knowledge base extends from deep analytics to international tax advice

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