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Investment advisory research & insights

Investment advisory research & insights

KPMG Investment Advisory in the UK regularly produces a range of proprietary investment research. Please find below recently produced papers on a variety of topical issues.


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May 2019

The LDI hedge: A gardener's guide

A guide on how pension schemes can be build and maintain an effective liability driven investment hedge.

Equity investment & market outlook

Farrakh Ashraf, Head of Equity Research at KPMG in the UK, provides KPMG’s outlook on global equity markets, and a number of recommendations for pension schemes which hold significant equity risk.

April 2019

Investment themes that will matter in 2019

We provide our view on the five key themes relevant to pension schemes and investment markets in 2019 and the options available for clients to protect against or take advantage of these themes.

KPMG Investment Advisory Research

Ajith Nair, Head of Asset Class and Manager Research at KPMG in the UK, shares his thoughts on the principals that drive KPMG’s Investment Advisory Research and what sets it apart.

KPMG Investment Advisory Strategy

Callum Duffy, Co-Head of Investment Strategy at KPMG in the UK, outlines the core principles that guide the strategy advice of KPMG’s investment consultants.

KPMG Investment Advisory

Nick Evans, Partner in KPMG Investment Advisory at KPMG in the UK, provides an overview of the division and discusses the key factors behind the success of KPMG’s investment advice.

Market Outlook and Pension Strategy

Pallavi Aston, Principal Investment Consultant at KPMG in the UK, discusses KPMG’s market outlook and investment strategy factors that pension trustees may wish to consider in this environment.

Private Rented Sector Investment

Stuart Pawson, Head of Real Assets Research at KPMG in the UK, provides an overview of the private rented sector (PRS) asset class and how it could fit into investment portfolios.

February 2019

Buy and mantain credit

We explore how buy and maintain credit offers pension schemes a cost-effective and accessible way to help increase cash inflows over the short and medium-term.

Junior infrastructure debt

We believe the current risk/return profile of Junior Infrastructure Debt presents an attractive case for investors.

Senior infrastructure debt

The characteristics of Senior Infrastructure Debt can be particularly attractive to investors implementing a Cashflow Driven Investment (‘CDI’) Strategy.

December 2018 

Demystifying Responsible Investment

Responsible investment is a trending theme and has seen a spike in interest from regulators and policymakers. Ambiguity and numerous acronyms have led to confusion amongst investors. This paper therefore addresses the common myths of Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

Investment Market update – Lessons from Hollywood

What does Hollywood teach us about investment markets?

November 2018 

Pensions and Brexit: Understand your risk hotspots

With the Brexit deadline of 29 March fast approaching, this paper highlights the specific risks to your portfolio and measures you can take in response.

October 2018 

Equity markets – Flashing Amber

In an environment of loose monetary policy and low interest rates, equities have added considerable value to portfolios over the past decade. Our latest research paper questions whether this prolonged equity rally is sustainable as we transition to a more uncertain investment climate.

Diversified opportunistic lending investment case 

In a low yield market environment, could diversified opportunistic lending be suitable for your pension scheme as a higher returning contractual asset class? 

August 2018 

Private rented sector and the rise of 'generation rent'

The private rented sector can provide an attractive opportunity to generate returns through stable contractual income.

July 2018

Bulls versus Bears: Equity Journal Q2 2018 

Is it a bear market or a bull market? Our Equity Journal provides a snappy summary of the current market environment, the drivers behind movements and outlines the issues we believe investors should be mindful of. 

April 2018 

Revisiting direct lending 

This paper outlines a refreshed investment case for senior/unitranche direct lending to predominantly European middle-market companies. 

February 2018 

Responsible investing: A fad or the future? 

January 2018 

The role of real assets 

What are the real asset alternatives to balanced and long lease property for pension schemes? What differentiates them and how can investors use them? 

Other insights 

What are the frictional costs of investing in property? 

UK property is a long-term investment that comes with substantial frictional cost leakage. While not a red flag for investment, costs should be factored into the strategic decision to invest. 

2017 KPMG UK Fiduciary Management Survey 

We are delighted to share with you the KPMG Fiduciary Management Survey for 2017. This survey charts the increase in the number of defined benefit pension schemes in the UK using Fiduciary Management. We also offer insight regarding how we believe this market is evolving and changing with time. 

KPMG’s 2017 LDI Survey 

KPMG's new LDI survey provides the most comprehensive review of the Liability Driven Investment (LDI) market as it stands today. 

Cashflow negative isn't such a negative 

Our take on why cashflow negative has become a misguided focal point and the real factors pension schemes should be clear on. 


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