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Payment practices regulation

Payment practices and performance reporting

Be more efficient with your payment practices and reporting.

Be aware of the implications – from reputation, working capital and reporting costs.

The payment policies and performance regulations introduced by the government with effect from 6 April 2017, requires companies and Limited Liability Partnerships to report on their payment practices, policies and performances on a half-yearly basis. It will impact companies that exceed two of the following three thresholds in the last two preceding financial years:

  • >£36 million turnover
  • >£18 million balance sheet
  • >250 employees

The legislation is a part of the government’s efforts to tackle late payments which can cause a detrimental financial effect on small businesses.

At KPMG we want you to be confident that you are managing your payment practices and reporting requirements effectively, by helping you reduce complexity, cost and reputational risk.

Prepare better, find opportunities to be more efficient and manage risks with our Payment Policies and Performance Reporting guide.


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