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Examining the Taylor Review

Examining the Taylor Review

A recent article for Tax Journal looks at the report’s recommendations and their employment law and employment tax implications.



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The Taylor review of modern working practices has now been published following increased focus on the ‘gig economy’ in recent months. It contains a number of thoughtful proposals aimed at creating an environment for ‘fair and decent work’, encompassing changes to employment law and the tax and national insurance contributions (NICs) position.

There is an acknowledgement of the need for more consistency in the taxation of work: in other words, levelling out the tax and NICs position for the self-employed and employed. A key recommendation is that employment for tax purposes should include both employees and dependent contractors. If implemented, some of these proposals could have wide-ranging implications for businesses and workers.

In a recent article for Tax Journal*, Colin Ben-Nathan, Partner KPMG in the UK, and Dorothée Giret, Manager Legal Tax KPMG in the UK, examine a number of the key recommendations from the report and their implications from an employment law and tax perspective.

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