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Are you ready for agile?

Are you ready for agile?

The full potential of implementing agile programmes in financial services


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With 38% of UK CEOs implementing agile programmes within their organisations, this transformation approach has become a growth driver for UK business - fourth only to customer-focused, innovation- and platform-led transformations, according to our KPMG 2017 CEO Outlook.

Business leaders are increasingly turning to agile - a project management methodology using tools focused on continuous improvement - to face disruption and deliver fast and efficient change. However, industries with heavier regulation and more stringent processes for governance, compliance and risk have been slower to embrace the change.

How can financial services adopt agile while staying fully compliant?

The biggest challenge facing organisations in this category lies in adapting traditional governance frameworks to suit a new working environment. As a process, this hinges on four key principles:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentations;
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiations;
  4. Responding to change.

Disrupting traditional transformation

If financial services organisations are going to successfully implement agile, they will need to start the process by accepting a level of unpredictability and risk. By building an entrepreneurial environment in which it is safe to take measured risks and trial innovations, organisations can thrive through agile transformation to ultimately deliver value to customers. In turn, the customers benefiting from the change will feel that their voice is heard.

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