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Trade based money laundering – where the risks lie

Trade based money laundering – where the risks lie

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Trade based money laundering – where the risks lie - cargo ship in the sea

Despite a significant proportion of international trade being conducted on 'open account’ terms, firms’ trade-based money laundering (TBML) controls typically focus on transactions supported by traditional trade financing, such as Letters of Credit. This is disproportionate and leaves a gap in the industry’s response to TBML.

We believe it is time for a new approach. One that helps to alleviate the cost and growth pressures that have arisen under the current regime (felt by firms and their corporate customers a-like) and instead:

  • recognises how criminals abuse global trade to launder funds; 
  • is proportionate to the risks; and 
  • protects the overall customer experience

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To find out more please contact James Grant who leads KPMG in the UK's trade finance forensic team, or download the full article Trade Based Money Laundering (4 minute read).

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