Smart Infrastructure: Tackling chemical fires | KPMG in the UK
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Smart Infrastructure: Tackling chemical fires

Smart Infrastructure: Tackling chemical fires

Amy Marshall, Director Power & Utilities, KPMG in the UK, asks how emerging technologies could revolutionise our response to public health threats?


Associate Director of Power & Utilities and Deal Advisory

KPMG in the UK


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Smart Infrastructure: tackling chemical fires - fire truck and tablet on blue background

By generating and sharing information on the nature, location and progression of specific threats, digital technologies promise to help emergency teams respond quicker, safer and more effectively – better protecting both the public and emergency staff, while deploying teams and equipment exactly where they’re needed. When infrastructure assets can change their operation to support the work of emergency crews, threats can be more effectively contained and closed down.

This all sounds very theoretical, of course – but the potential benefits are measured in people’s lives. Our report applies these theories to a specific scenario - an industrial fire at Future Factory, where hazardous chemicals are a risk.

For more information download our Smart Infrastructure: Tackling chemical fires report.

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