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Smart Infrastructure: Improving healthcare

Smart Infrastructure: Improving healthcare

Prevention is always better than cure – and smart infrastructure could help predict and avert medical emergencies, reducing the pressure on both patients and health systems.


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In the modern age, our healthcare systems are advanced and powerful – but not always smart. 

Our Smart Infrastructure: improving healthcare whitepaper highlights: 

  • How gathering streams of real-time data building connections between asset owners and service providers and applying digital analytics techniques can create a more sensitive and responsive infrastructure
  • How to head of latent deteriorations before they turn into emergencies
  • How to ensure if an ambulance is necessary that the data streams and organisation connections support each other to provide a faster and more effective response, improving patient outcomes and saving medics’ time 

For more information contact Jason Parker, Head of Healthcare KPMG in the UK, and Robin Vickers, Director Public Sector & Healthcare KPMG in the UK.

Read our Smart Infrastructure: Improving healthcare whitepaper (632KB)

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