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Impact of ‘hard Brexit’ on social security for internationally mobile employees

Impact of ‘hard Brexit’ on social security

Could ‘hard Brexit’ cause social security difficulties for employees who work abroad?


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Since the UK’s vote to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, one of the key areas for employers with internationally mobile workers has been immigration. Another area which may also have a significant impact on employers with a globally mobile workforce are the EU social security regulations. Under current EU regulations, where an employee meets the necessary conditions as a posted or multi state worker, it is often possible for the employee to remain in their home country social security system. This allows the employee to maintain an unbroken social security record in their home country. However, the prospect of a ‘hard Brexit’ throws doubt as to whether this system will continue for internationally mobile workers, which could mean changes are required to employers’ policies and processes and possible additional social security costs.

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