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TGI Fridays: getting deeper into data to serve up what customers want

Get deeper into data to serve up what customers want

This KPMG-led implementation is the very first delivery of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 in the UK.


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Burger and cola in front of cloud

TGI Fridays (TGIF) is all about giving customers a great time. That includes making sure they can get their favourite dish, whether it’s a green chili cheeseburger or an iced tea. A brand-new, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology solution, implemented by KPMG Crimsonwing, is helping make that real. 

The KPMG-led implementation is the very first delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the UK. Through our relationship with Microsoft, TGIF has been able to take part in the ‘early adopters’ programme for this cutting-edge solution. 

Dynamics 365 brings all TGIF’s finance systems onto a single, flexible platform for the future. Now live, it has revolutionised Finance processes, cutting month-end close down by 20%, for example.

TGIF has also chosen Power BI – a leading end-user data visualisation tool in the Microsoft stack – that can be used by finance, managers, directors and more. It takes retail POS data from each of the 75+ restaurants and on a daily basis feeds millions of lines into a data warehouse. Here management can analyse, in detail, spend in their stores – down to the actual menu items ordered. Easy visualisation enables them to understand their market better and gain real-time insight into best-performing items. Armed with this information, they can forecast requirements to replenish stock across the restaurants with greater accuracy. 

Because the system is in the cloud, managers will soon be able to access real-time data and up-to-the-minute insight into the performance of each of TGIF’s 75+ restaurants from anywhere. This is designed to increase efficiency and boost productivity – making a better working day for staff across the business. 

The cloud-based platform is future ready. Its flexibility and scalability mean TGIF will be able to add other functions – such as HR and property management – to build a fully integrated, organisation-wide system. The company will also be able to add new franchises as the business expands to serve more and more customers with their favourite dishes.


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