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Employers' Club webinar archive

Employers' Club webinar archive

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November webinar – Why social security should be at the top of your mobility agenda

Social security represents an area of increasing compliance risk for employers with mobile employees, with greater focus from authorities than ever before.

The consequences of non-compliance include financial penalties, employees barred from the workplace in the host country, a negative impact on employee benefits affecting the employee experience, the risk of litigation and reputational damage.

Listen to our webinar recording to understand how to navigate international social security to minimise financial and operational risks - ensuring you can continue to move talent to meet business needs.  

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October webinar – Company cars – Does your policy reflect the changing environment around cars?

HMRC has announced the company car tax rates for the next three years through to 2022/23. Employers should review their company car policy to ensure it is fit for the future. This webinar discusses the factors which should be considered when shaping your policy.

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September webinar - Brexit - Update on immigration, mobility and social security

Our Brexit experts help you interpret the latest political moves and what they mean from a human resources perspective.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • What EU nationals in the UK, and British nationals in the EU need to be aware of
  • How employers can help staff – including those working cross-border 
  • Inter-governmental coordination on social security, on both contributions and benefits

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September webinar - Employee pension options - What is the employer's role?

What are pension scheme members actually doing at retirement? Do they understand the transfer and investment options available to them? What role can employers play in helping employees plan their financial future? 

Driven by the evolution of default investment strategies and the new retirement freedoms, we see sponsoring employers of both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes considering which options to make available to scheme members and how best to support their employees in this increasingly complex area. 

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • The evolving pensions landscape; 
  • Changes in DC default strategies and the underlying reasons; 
  • The development of in-retirement ‘investment pathways’;
  • Actual member retirement activity; and
  • DB transfer options and activity. 

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July webinar - Off-payroll working - getting ready for the new regime

The draft IR35 legislation was published on 11 July. The new off-payroll working regime will affect all public and private sector organisations that engage with contractors through personal service companies (directly or indirectly), and internal stakeholders responsible for labour supply chains such as human resources, tax, procurement and legal. 

On 18 July, KPMG's experts provided an overview of the draft rules and a practical guide to how it affects your project plans.

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July webinar - Pensions consolidation

We are witnessing an unprecedented shift in DC pension provision, alongside a rapidly growing DB consolidation market. On 2 July, we discussed what’s driving this change, and what it means for both employers and employees. 

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May webinar - Termination payment update

The introduction of changes to the tax and NIC treatment of termination payments last April resulted in Post-Employment Notice Pay becoming fully subject to PAYE/NIC in all circumstances.

On 30 May, KPMG's Michael Lavan provided a recap of the measures introduced last April and presented KPMG's Termination Payment Analyser technology solution, which can serve to simplify and streamline the termination payment process.

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May webinar - International pensions - tax and governance

Following a period of tax rule change, media interest and increased tax authority scrutiny, international and domestic pension tax and governance issues are coming into focus for many organisations.

On 2 May, we brought together KPMG's tax and pensions teams to discuss four key areas: cross-border employees, International Pension Plans, annual allowance and payroll. 

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March webinar - Off-payroll working in the private sector

HMRC is consulting on the detail of how the new rules will operate, prior to publishing the draft legislation this summer. The consultation’s content provides a strong indication of how the new regime will operate.

On 27 March, Caroline Laffey, Anne-Marie Robinson and Donna Sharp discussed the consultation's proposals in three key areas: information flow in the supply chain, revolving status disputes and operational issues. We also discussed what organisations are doing to prepare for the new regime, and what they should consider in light of the consultation's proposals.

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February webinar - The Good Work Plan

On 26 February, Donna Sharp and Emily Salathiel discussed how the Good Work Plan will change employment law and how it will impact employers. If implemented in full, the changes will represent the biggest review of employment law in decades. 

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February webinar - How Brexit will impact immigration, mobility and social security

On 12 February, Chris Hawkes hosted a panel discussion on how organisations can fine-tune their plans in light of recent developments and what actions organisations should take now in order to be ready for what's to come.

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December webinar - Future of HR 2019 Report launch

On Tuesday 4 December, Kate Holt and Robert Bolton discussed how forward-thinking HR leaders are preparing for workplace transformation and what you can do to join them. 

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November webinar - The impact of Brexit on HR 

On Tuesday 20 November, Chris Hawkes and his colleagues discussed the impact of Brexit on the workforce for immigration, mobility and social security. As part of the session, our speakers outlined key risk areas and practical steps organisations should take in the lead up to and post-Brexit. 

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November webinar - Off-payroll working rules in the private sector 

On Thursday 15 November, Caroline Laffey and Anne-Marie Robinson discussed the changes to the IR35 rules announced in the Budget 2018 and consider key areas including the anticipated impact on cost, systems, compliance and resource; and how technology can support organisations in meeting compliance obligations under the new regime. 

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September webinar - Increasing pay compliance requirements 

On Tuesday 25 September, Donna Sharp and Eloise Knaption discussed the ever growing list of pay compliance requirements facing employers. Getting this right is an essential part of 'business as usual', but the increasing complexity of compliance requirements can put employees at risk of damaging their reputation with their employees and the wider world. 

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September webinar - Remote workers

On Monday 03 September, Mike McCoy and Steve Caruth provided an overview of some of the most recent topical developments in taxation, employment law and policy as they relate to remote workers. Does your business have a balanced policy that offers employee flexibility mindful of broad compliance obligations? 

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July webinar - Off-payroll working in the Private Sector  

On Monday 23 July, Caroline Laffey and Anne-Marie Robinson provided an overview of the consultation document by HMRC and HM Treasury on the proposed changes to the IR35 regime in order to tackle non-compliance with the rules in the private sector, and the various options set out by HMRC. The lead option in the consultation is to extend the rules already introduced in the public sector in April 2017. The speakers drew on their experience of implementing these changes as part of the discussions. Consideration was also given to the actions that companies can take in advance of the proposed changes to the rules being published and the wider issues around the engagement of third party labour.

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May webinar - Global Share Plans

On Tuesday 22 May, Alexy Armitage and Chris Cowell outlined the requirements to consider when offering incentive plans on a global basis and the challenges organisations can face when managing funding withheld from cross border mover’s incentive awards, particularly if equalised. They also discussed the impact of recent legislative changes, and outlined the benefit of careful planning to identify all relevant regulations and compliance aspects.

Cick here to view the recording. 


May webinar - International Pensions

On Tuesday 2 May, Roop Vohra and Rhys Thomas shared an update on recent legislative changes that have significantly affected the UK tax treatment of contributions to, distributions from and transfers between both UK and non-UK pension plans. Focus hereby was on legislations that potentially result in increased tax liabilities for plan members, and also in additional compliance obligations and costs for employers. 

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March webinar - Spring Statement 2018 and KPMG Expense Analyser 

On Tuesday 20 March, Mike Lavan and Kathryn Armitage shared an update on the Springe Statement 2018, and discussed and demonstrated the Expense Analyser, a fast and efficient solution for automating the tax analysis of employees’ expenses.

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February webinar - Making Tax Digital 

On Tuesday 27 February, Bethan Thomas shared an update on the Making Tax Digital reforms in the UK and what it means for organisation's current operating models, technology platforms and different parts of the tax function. 

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January webinar - KPMG's Guide to Directors' Remuneration 

On Tuesday 23 January, Chris Barnes discussed the findings of KPMG's recent Guide to Directors' Remuneration. 


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