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Winning in the moments that matter

B2B Customer Experiences

Customer expectations in business-to-business are changing. Our KPMG Nunwood survey gathered information from nearly 3,000 customers. Using that information we highlight how business leaders need to focus their operations and what they can learn from their US counterparts.



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In the world of business-to-business (B2B), commercial success for an organisation lies in the strength of the relationships it creates with its customers. In any walk of life, relationships are won or lost in key moments. Relationship-defining events occur infrequently and fleetingly. Successful firms capitalise on the moments that matter, while also executing appropriately on those that don’t.

KPMG Nunwood surveyed nearly 3,000 B2B customers to find out about their experiences with US and UK companies. The report examines the critical moments in these relationships and offers a six pillar framework to assist you in making the most of the moments that matter in a customer relationship.

Bite-sized considerations for your boardroom agenda

• Do we recognise and respond to our client’s unique needs and do we make them feel special as individuals?

• How are we providing extra value to our client?

• What are we doing to ensure we meet client expectations? Are we ensuring we don’t over-promise and under-deliver?

• If we encounter a problem, are we providing our clients with timelines, updates and a plan on how we aim to overcome the issue?

• Do we show our clients empathy? Do we take time to see the world from their perspective and show understanding on how they see different business issues?

Download KPMG Nunwood’s B2B Customer Experience report, Winning in the moments that matter (read time 44 minutes).

There is also a B2B customer experience: Winning in the Moments that Matter webinar (54 minute watch)

Alternatively, if you are interested in more customer excellence information visit KPMG's Customer Excellence Centre for short reads and videos.

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