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The Creative CIO's Agenda: Journey to the cloud

The Creative CIO's Agenda: Journey to the cloud

For many organisations, implementing cloud computing and getting value from it are not necessarily synonymous. In the report below, we have provided recommendations for CIOs to help navigate the current cloud environment.


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Getting started and unlocking cloud value

The cloud can be a very complex place and almost all the digital disruption that is occurring today has some form of cloud computing at its core.

Organisations migrating their data assets to the public cloud are rare today, but that will change as public cloud offerings mature. Most large enterprises will need to acquire and support multiple private and public cloud platforms, services, and solutions, and integrate them with existing infrastructure, applications and data in a hybrid IT approach.

How can you create value from this disruption?

Bite-sized ideas for your boardroom agenda

Take a holistic enterprise-wide approach to cloud strategy. 

Does your cloud strategy address when it is appropriate to use public vs private cloud? Where should different types of data be physically stored and accessed?

Integrate effective cloud governance into the existing technology governance framework.

Does your cloud governance have a formal strategy and roadmap? Does it adapt to existing architecture and technology policies? Have you set out policies for how the cloud services will be acquired and managed?

Do you have a policy around security, data privacy and location, and regulatory compliance? Who has access, how is the cloud consumed, managed and monitored?

Roll out a single interconnected platform for all users.

This should provide easy access to underlying cloud services and capabilities, holistically manage their operation and embed some if the governance policies through automation.

Things you should consider:

Have you included tools and processes that address management and control? Are you considering your identity integration, auditability, authentication and authorisation? Finally, security and governance, have you included tools and processes for cryptography, data management, vulnerability management, and continuous compliance and configuration management?


Read the full report, The Creative CIO's Agenda: Journey to the cloud for further detail and examples of how you can create the most value out of the cloud.

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