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Partnering with patient groups

Partnering with patient groups

Developing mutually beneficial relationships between industry and patient representative bodies.


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Customer experience is one of the main focuses for businesses in every sector. Many life sciences firms are looking to patient groups to inject that true customer focus into their strategy and in this paper we explore what the impact is across the value chain.

The big idea

Patient groups are increasingly well equipped to partner with pharmaceutical companies in a way that can improve patient outcomes – and refine business models. In successful partnerships, both sides agree on the type of activity they are collaborating on; have a clear idea of their respective roles; and build strong lines of communication, often using a trusted third party.

Patient group activities across the value chain

Patient associations are increasingly well-connected internally and sophisticated in their lobbying efforts. That has boosted their value to the healthcare and life sciences industries as partners and helped all three develop shared objectives and activities. Gone are the days of cursory interactions or straightforward information dissemination.

In fact we see a huge range of opportunities for co-operation across five dimensions – from supporting public awareness and patient support, through to clinician interactions and even financial advice.

‘What’s in it for us?’

Those companies that invest the time and effort to consider how to partner effectively with patient groups can find they fundamentally alter their strategic thinking and behaviours for the better – for example, restructuring the way they run their clinical trials, in response to feedback on what patients wish to gain from these. Such a move benefits both parties, improving patient satisfaction and recruitment rates. Over time, such interactions can become embedded in company culture, making the following collaborations easier and more effective.

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