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Social housing: let’s talk about the customer

Social housing: let’s talk about the customer

We offer our ideas to strengthen your digital strategy as a social housing provider.

Harry Mears - Head of Social Housing, KPMG in the UK, Southampton

Head of Social Housing

KPMG in the UK


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This is the age of the customer

From our conversations with large and small providers, we know customer and digital transformation are key strategic priorities for many organisations. We also know that redesigning customer journeys to deliver great digital experiences can reduce costs and improve satisfaction. These will both be among the highest priorities of any social housing provider.

People already living in properties provided by social landlords and prospective tenants are expecting and demanding more. They want their landlords to provide quality experiences that are designed around their needs. They want to choose digital channels that are simple and easy to use. They need to trust that the organisation is looking after their data properly.

Quite simply they want the organisation to put them first.

Digital as a change enabler

It might mean technology such as websites, social media and data. Or the customer experience and how the organisation engages with its customers, e.g. booking repairs or inspections online. Or it could be about fundamentally different ways of doing business. However, in reality it is usually all of these things and more.

Digital disruption has forced us to think about people and their relationships with each other, with technology and with the organisations they interact with and work within. It has made us focus on putting the customer first.

Digital solutions and culture are evolving fast and have already had a positive impact on the services that landlords provide to their tenants. But this revolution is not simply about getting people to change how they communicate and shift access channels from face-to-face to telephone to web. Providers will need to use digital technology to drive change in their understanding of their customers and their assets, to find out how the two interact, and to improve customer engagement and experience.

How we can help

We help housing associations exploit all aspects of the opportunity that digital innovation presents, from strategy to execution.

Through our Customer and Digital Transformation capabilities, we help our clients become more customer-focused as well as better able to understand and serve their customers.

Download the report: Let's talk about the customer (6 min read), to find out more.

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