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Deal Tech - Overview

Deal Tech - Overview

Deal Tech is a modular, end-to-end solution for taking data from source systems through a process of consolidation, enrichment and analysis, to execution.


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The key modules in the Deal Tech platform are:

  • Data Profiling - to consolidate data and rapidly identify integrity issues
  • Data Remediation Tool (DaRT) - to validate, remediate and enhance data in an efficient and robust environment
  • KPMG Deal Room (KDR) - to execute transactions on a market leading platform, built by dealmakers
  • Target Value Platform - Our approach includes bespoke technology and relevant expertise to help provide insight, focus, clarity, speed and transparency to identify and achieve target value
  • Visual Analytics - to provide clear insights through the use of interactive dashboards


The Deal Tech platform is equally valuable for vendors to prepare assets for sale and purchasers to perform due diligence and migrate assets.

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Data Profiling

The data required by a vendor to support a deal is often held in bespoke and fragmented IT systems. Similarly, for a buyer, the data provided by a vendor may not be in a format that is readily analysed by existing models. In both cases, the required manipulation or consolidation of the data can be a complex, challenging and error prone exercise.

To address this, KPMG leverages customised data profiling software Alteryx, to rapidly design workflows that consolidate large data sets and identify data anomalies and inconsistencies. Once created, a workflow is easily and instantly repeatable whenever new data is received.


Poor quality data and documentation undermines portfolio value. DaRT is a proprietary online platform to collate documents and systematically validate and enhance data. 

DaRT is used by vendors to maximise transaction value by improving data quality and to provide robust support to any R&W’s given over the data. Similarly, buyers use DaRT to identify data issues during the due diligence phase, or during migration to support timely claims made against R&W’s.

The potential benefits of using DaRT are: 

1.      Multiple users can work simultaneously whilst a centralised database maintains a single source of the truth;

2.      OCR technology aids the linking of data points directly to the documents that support them;

3.      Integrated checks and controls help ensure that inputs conform to predefined standards;

4.      Data is supported by a full audit trail and can be output in virtually any format.

DaRT has already been applied in multiple jurisdictions, in different languages and across various asset classes to enhance data on loans with a total gross balance in excess of €36 billion.  

Deal Room

KPMG’s Deal Room is an integrated due diligence and distribution platform, built by deal makers to support and streamline all transaction workflows. Deal Room can increase the speed and efficiency of both sell-side and buy-side activities.


Deal Room consists of:

1.     A virtual data room;

2.     Advanced Q&A and collaboration capabilities;

3.     Integrated bidding functionality; 

4.     Flexible authority over access and permissions; and

5.    A full audit trail to monitor activity.

Target Value Platform

KPMG’s Target Value Platform is designed to enable you to identify the full value and long term potential of a business, the relevant value levers to pull and the operational implementation considerations of a deal process or transformation – which can be used at any time in an investment lifecycle.

Our Target Value Platform includes a rapid value scan. This is an interactive control panel that helps identify and quantify potential value of an asset or business unit.

Find out more information about our Target Value Platform.

Visual Analytics

KPMG has moved beyond the traditional information memorandum. Our deals now incorporate webhosted, interactive, user friendly dashboards which:

1.      Are built using market leading technology (such as Qlik, Tableau or Power BI);

2.      Help maximise value by transforming the way data is viewed, interrogated and analysed, to provide insights into assets;

3.      Are designed to significantly accelerate the initial stages of the due diligence process.

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