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Clearing a mountain of paper for a view of the future

Clearing a mountain of paper for a view of the future

A first step in a procurement transformation that created streamlined, standardised global processes.


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Imagine: a global organisation, purchasing from thousands of suppliers worldwide but unclear about where it had committed spend, and dealing with hundreds of thousands of paper invoices every year. Costs were high, processes were slow and control was minimal. This was the reality for our client – and they wanted to make a radical change.

The organisation planned a global implementation of Coupa’s procurement solution to bring fragmented processes and out-dated systems onto a single global platform. This was about more than getting help with plugging in new technology. They wanted a partner to deliver a total transformation of procure-to-pay processes.

KPMG’s track record made us the perfect choice. We are one of Coupa’s leading global partners. Our delivery teams across KPMG’s global network in the UK and US have a successful track record in delivering against the original scope of the Coupa implementations we support. Our approach, which incorporates pre-built assets which are based on best-practice procurement processes, gets clients to the results they want faster.

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Working jointly with our client, we planned a two-year programme for the global roll-out of Coupa to 30+ countries. Then we led the UK delivery, establishing a baseline for future go-lives.

Results from the UK implementation exceeded expectations. Within one month, 57% of users had logged on to use Coupa – its consumer-grade interface makes this as easy and natural as tapping on an app on a smartphone. Fast, strong adoption meant that within two months spend under management had increased from 20% to 60%. Within six months, paper invoices were eliminated completely from the UK business.

With the majority of e-invoices now purchase-order compliant, payment approval is largely automatic. This has reduced labour costs and – with a clear understanding of how much they’re spending with each supplier – our client has the data they need to negotiate better deals. Eliminating paper-based invoices has also allowed them to cancel expensive scanning contracts.

This all adds up to impressive cost savings, and more besides – a successful first step in a procurement transformation that creates streamlined, standardised global processes fit for the future.


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