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28,000 employees, one cloud-based global HR system

28,000 employees, one cloud-based global HR system

Using the cloud to create an integrated, global HR system and a better view of important HR data.


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A run of international acquisitions had turned one financial services group into a market leader – but the group still didn’t feel like the global organisation it was. Each company was running its own HR systems so no-one knew exactly how many employees there were, what their skills were and how much they were paid. Without the big picture, the HR function couldn't develop effective strategy to support the group’s development.

Integrating the disparate HR systems into a single cloud-based global HR system proved the key. KPMG delivered a global Workday implementation spanning more than 25 countries, adopting a phased approach to ensure a seamless transition.

The new cloud solution brings all the group’s people data together in one place. For the first time, the HR function has a comprehensive view of talent and a basis for developing group-wide strategy on issues such as resourcing, remuneration and succession planning. 

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Big can be agile

Big can be agile

Leap ahead of the competition with cloud-powered business transformation.

Workday has transformed the employee experience too, providing a consistent experience for 28,000 employees around the world. The new solution features state-of-the-art self-service tools for processes such as filling in time sheets and requesting leave. Using them feels more like using everyday social media platforms than logging into a conventional corporate platform. 

Employees can control their own data, with the option to update their address or record a change of name, for example. This helps ensure the group’s HR data is accurate and starts to establish the ‘clean’ data required to capitalise on future developments in artificial intelligence and other digital innovation.

The move to the cloud has cut the on-going cost of support, maintenance and licensing associated with the legacy systems. Cloud software is automatically upgraded, so the business is always working with the newest version. In addition, the group benefits from the data security that a cloud provider can deliver. 

The new, future-proofed solution is designed to give the group what it needs – joined-up HR strategy grounded in data-based insight, a consistent experience for employees worldwide and smooth, efficient HR processes that cost less to run.

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