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KPMG study: Luton developments' economic impact

KPMG study: Luton developments' economic impact

Assessing the economic impact of plans to develop a new stadium for Luton Town Football Club and new retail, leisure and housing facilities in the Luton area


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Luton Town Football Club has submitted plans to build a new stadium, at a new location in its home city. Alongside the stadium, it is proposed that the site will host a range of additional facilities, including retail outlets and leisure facilities. There are also plans to develop a further site in Luton providing retail, leisure, entertainment and office facilities.

KPMG was commissioned to undertake an economic impact analysis, to assess the economic value of the proposed new stadium and wider developments. This included looking at the impact on local, regional and national levels, in terms of Gross Value Added, employment and wider spill-over effects.  

The outcomes of the analysis are being used to engage with a range of stakeholders, including the local council as part of planning discussions.

You can read more of our analysis here.

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