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Investing in UK real estate after Brexit

Investing in UK real estate after Brexit

Property investors will need to take a more granular view of the UK market during the coming Brexit negotiations, argues Andy Pyle Head of Real Estate KPMG in the UK.


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Will London’s office market remain robust despite the uncertainty facing Britain’s financial services sector. What might a deal or no deal on access to the EU Customs Union mean for investment in UK factories and warehouses? How can real estate investors shield themselves from volatility during Brexit negotiations? Andy Pyle, Head of Real Estate at KPMG in the UK, gives near-term outlook for the UK property market and addresses some of the key questions real estate investors will need to ask themselves ahead of Brexit.


Highlights from our investing in Real Estate post-Brexit report include: 

  • Granular analysis of every property will best determine Brexit exposure
  • Stress test your financial models for downside scenarios
  • Track events but don't be a slave to them during potentially volatile EU-UK neogtiations 

Read the full Investing in Real Estate story. (10 minute read)

KPMG Brexit

KPMG Brexit

KPMG Brexit

Brexit: A catalyst for businesses to reset their futures.

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