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Employment Law

Employment Law

Providing you with advice on typical problem areas, and analysis on significant developments in employment law.



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Despite the government's best efforts (and the Red Tape Challenge) the raft of employment law for businesses to understand and put into practice continues to grow. The constant flurry of case law decisions and legislative changes pose real challenges for businesses in determining what they can and cannot do. In this section, we aim to provide you with advice on typical problem areas, and analysis on significant developments in employment law.

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1-0 to Middlesbrough FC as it wins NMW case

Deductions for season tickets did not reduce pay for the purposes of National Minimum Wage (NWM) since they amounted to a payment for goods.


Government publishes practical guides on Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting

Key takeaways from the guidance published by the Government.


Lessons learnt from GPG reporting: Government reacts to BEIS Committee report

The Government responds to the Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee’s Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting recommendations.


Ethnicity pay reporting – KPMG’s consultation response

KPMG publishes its response to the Government’s consultation on ethnicity pay reporting.


Are you ready for the new payslip requirements?

Employers must make two changes to payslip requirements from April 2019


Government publishes Good Work Plan: Top 10 things to note

The Government has published proposed changes to employment law.


Ethnicity pay gap: Government may require businesses to report figures

The Government has published a consultation paper on mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting.  What might this mean for employers?


CEO/employee pay ratio reporting to be introduced

Listed companies with 250 or more employees will be required to publish and justify the difference between CEO and staff pay.


KPMG responds to the Government’s employment status consultation

KPMG has submitted its views on the Government consultation on employment status, which was launched in response to the Taylor Review.


Pimlico Plumbers: Supreme Court finds that plumber was a ‘worker’

The Court of Appeal’s finding that a plumber was a ‘worker’, despite his contract describing him as an ‘independent contractor’, was upheld.


Government response to the Taylor Review of modern working practices

In response to the Taylor Review’s recommendations, the Government has announced that it intends to introduce new measures to help enforce vulnerable workers’ rights, such as holiday and sick pay.


The Taxation of termination payments – Recent developments

Our recent article for Executive Compensation Briefing looks at the impact of recent announcements on the changes to the taxation of termination payments.


Regular voluntary overtime payments to be reflected in holiday pay

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) rules that regular voluntary overtime payments must be included in the calculation of statutory holiday pay.


Supreme Court declares employment tribunal fees unlawful

The Supreme Court has allowed an appeal by UNISON and found that the employment tribunal fees regime prevents access to justice, is unlawful and will be quashed. While good news in terms of providing access to justice, this may result in increased employee litigation for employers.


Examining the Taylor Review

A recent article for Tax Journal looks at the report’s recommendations and their employment law and employment tax implications.


Taylor Review of modern working practices

We consider the implications of the Taylor Review of modern working practices on employment law and employment taxation.


The OTS has published an updated focus paper on the ‘Gig’ economy

Food for thought in advance of the publication of Matthew Taylor’s Review of Modern Employment Practices. 


IFS Green Budget – Changes in work patterns and the Gig Economy

Interesting things are happening in the labour market, but nothing fundamental has changed. Yet. 


An update on the 'Gig Economy'

An update on the various strands of work currently ongoing in the 'Gig Economy'. 


Spring Budget 2017 

We need to change the way we tax work, says KPMG. Changes will need to be wide ranging and will go to the very core of the UK tax system


Final draft of the gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations issued by the GEO

The government has published the final version of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.


Autumn Statement 2016 - Employers overview

There were a number of updates from a people and pay perspective, following on from the latest round of consultations, together with the announcement of plans for further reviews and calls for evidence in 2017. From an employers' perspective, the main developments were centred around salary sacrifice, IR35, PAYE settlement agreements, and termination payments.


Equal Pay: Asda retail store employees can compare themselves to distribution depot employees

The Asda equal pay case could have wide implications for employers in the retail sector and will alert other employers to the fact that even where there are considerable differences between the working arrangements of two groups of employees.

Deliveroo & Uber: The latest twists in the worker status saga

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