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ConsumerCurrents provides senior executives at consumer companies insights on topical industry issues, global trends and business strategy.

Insights on consumer industry issues, trends and strategies.

ConsumerCurrents is published semi-annually for senior executives at the world’s leading consumer retailers and brands. In each edition, the latest industry issues, global trends and business strategies come under the scrutiny of KPMG firms’ industry professionals.

Features in this issue include:

  • Off the shelf – Companies who give back; the rise of robots in retail
  • Customer First column – Keeping the customer in sight
  • Diageo – Exclusive interview with CEO Ivan Menezes
  • India – Why you can’t ignore this dynamic market
  • War for talent – Do retailers have the right skills to keep up?
  • Personal data – Why companies need to tread more carefully than ever
  • Hershey Case Study – Interview with incoming CEO Michele Buck
  • Lessons from other industries – Team GB’s Olympic gold strategy

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Hershey: A taste for change

Hershey: A taste for change

Confectionery giant Hershey has come a long way since its founder made caramels by hand, but the business still has an appetite for innovation.

The truman show

Data: this time its personal

When it comes to collecting and using personal data, companies need to tread carefully. This consumer survey reveals where consumers draw the line.


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