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Tech Risk Radar: 2016 Edition

Tech Risk Radar: 2016 Edition

Technology failures, data losses and other incidents are increasingly in the news. How does one filter through the noise?


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Tech risk radar

In this third edition of the Technology Risk Radar, KPMG helps you filter through the noise. Our report presents the findings from an analysis of more than 10,000 news articles related to IT incidents from around the world.

This year’s report includes a forward-looking perspective on some of the top risks faced by different industries – as well as practical tips on what can be done to help address some of these risks.

What are the current and emerging technology-related risks that businesses face? What types of incidents have been reported in the press? What are the trends in different industries? And what are the risks on the horizon facing businesses tomorrow?

KPMG’s Technology Risk Radar 2016 edition seeks to provide answers to such questions by combining extensive analysis of reported technology incidents, with qualitative insight from industry specialists. It provides a broad-ranging view of the global technology risk landscape by offering insight into what’s going on and what’s going wrong, across the market.

The report enables risk and audit professionals to make better informed decisions about the issues they should address while providing insight into where reputational damage could lie.

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