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Valuations Newsletter

Valuations Newsletter

Keeping you up to date with the latest developments around key valuation issues.


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Valuations Newsletter offers insights on hot topics around valuation across a range of sectors and asset classes. We hope this will help when developing solutions to common challenges of valuing businesses and their assets.

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Valuations Newsletter - Edition 2

In this latest edition, we discuss:

  • The deceptive charm of share splits: A study on the value effect of share splits of Euro STOXX 600 companies over the past 12 years
  • Valuing entities with complex capital structures: A practical approach to distinguishing share prices for different share classes
  • A case study outlining how a KPMG multi-disciplinary team provided support on an inward investment real estate transaction
  • A snapshot of recent financial market data, including;
    • Comparison of major stock maret performances in 2016
    • FTSE 100 sector multiples
    • Risk-free rates for major currencies
    • Recent country risk premiums and inflation forecasts for the BRIC countries

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Valuations Newsletter - Edition 1

In the first edition, we discuss:

  • How valuations would be different in a world of irrational, risk seeking investors.
  • How KPMG helped overcome the challenges of valuing a range of assets and liabilities following BT’s £12.5bn acquisition of EE.

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