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Sir Philip Hampton discusses the gender gap

Sir Philip Hampton discusses the gender gap

GlaxoSmithKline Chairman discusses why closing the gender gap fosters innovation and matters to anyone interested in the bottom line.


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The review was initiated in February 2016 and co-led by UBM chair Dame Helen Alexander.

Today, over half of the UK’s top graduates are female and the glass ceiling may be showing signs of cracking, but an attitude shift needs to take place at leadership level for this to happen.

In September, GlaxoSmithKline, chaired by Sir Philip, announced the appointment of Emma Walmsley as its new chief executive. While he confirmed the board’s decision was based on Emma’s excellent leadership credentials and strong track record of delivering growth and driving performance, Sir Philip believes that mixed-gender executive teams are vital to delivering better results for businesses. At the time of her appointment Emma was the seventh female CEO in the FTSE 100.

Hampton-Alexander review:

  • Set up in February this year with the aim of increasing the number of female executives at Britain’s 350 biggest public companies.
  • Follows on from the work of Lord Davies, whose recommendations in 2011 led to FTSE 100 companies increasing female board representation from 12.5 percent to 26 percent.
  • Aims to determine a “right and reasonable target for more women to make more progress”.

To access the full review which includes an accumulation of data from businesses across the UK click here.

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