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Open Minds

Rethinking business in an era of convergence

Rethinking business in an era of convergence

As markets become more complex and connected, businesses are widening their scope and rethinking their strategic focus. 

Rapid tech innovation and rising consumer expectations are redefining sectors and the boundaries between them. Banks are moving into utilities. Tech firms are becoming carmakers. Hardware makers have morphed into software and IT solutions. The companies that understand and harness this collision – and who can draw lessons from across the economy – will set the pace in the decade to come.

With Brexit set to create further upheaval, it’s the firms that adapt quickest which will be best placed to succeed.

We are helping clients from across the economy deal with these emerging challenges. Whether it’s telecoms, energy, banking, insurance, investment management and beyond, no industry is an island. All stand to be affected by this revolution in working practices. All will require creative, agile business models if they want to succeed.

Above all, this means embracing smarter partnerships and adjusting to new facts on the ground – looking beyond traditional boundaries in the quest for the next good idea. 


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