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Assessing the impact of Brexit for privately-owned businesses

Assessing impact of Brexit for privately-owned business

Video interviews highlighting the key issues business owners should consider when preparing for Brexit.


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The implications of Brexit for the UK economy and businesses can be substantial. In such turbulent times how can privately-owned businesses find certainty? KPMG Enterprise has drawn together the views of experts in a series of videos, that cut to the heart of key Brexit issues. Karen Briggs, Head of Brexit at KPMG and Graeme Chaplin, Midlands Agent for the Bank of England, highlight how privately-owned businesses can overcome the impact of Brexit and what plans need to be made to stay ahead in this time of uncertainty. In addition, Craig Wright, Chairman of Wright Industries, gives details of how his business is responding to Brexit and thoughts on how Brexit will impact the UK in the next two years.

KPMG Brexit

KPMG Brexit

KPMG Brexit

Brexit: A catalyst for businesses to reset their futures.

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