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Brexit: Handling the impact on your workforce

Brexit: Handling the impact on your workforce

Responding to Brexit – What’s your workforce exposure and is your business ready?


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brexit effect on workforce

Following the Brexit vote, no group will feel more anxious than the 2.9 million EU nationals living in the UK. With the government not yet stating whether these EU citizens will have the right to remain and work in Britain, what practical steps can employers take today to be prepared?

Employers can take concrete steps to understand their exposure to Brexit and mitigate its effects over the next two years –even with the picture for EU nationals still unclear. One immediate question is whether an organisation’s HR function is equipped to undertake these actions or whether it needs more support, new tools or other skills from outside.

This guide has been created to aid employers, asking questions they should be addressing, and suggesting some possible actions to fortify their workforce for the future.

Some key questions include:

  • What skill-sets do we risk losing? 
  • What work permits/ visas do our employees currently hold? 
  • What does our succession/ talent pipeline look like? 
KPMG Brexit

KPMG Brexit

KPMG Brexit

Brexit: A catalyst for businesses to reset their futures.

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