The future of financial services

The future of financial services

The latest analysis from KPMG’s thought leaders across the financial services sector.

The latest financial services sector analysis.

The future is going to be one where industry boundaries will blur, where customer experiences are seamless and powered behind the scenes by frictionless processes, platforms and collaborations between businesses. 

Financial services will be indivisible from infrastructure and surroundings. Financial services will work alongside and in collaboration with other consumer brands and Fintech businesses.

Technology will empower a new generation of investors who demand simplicity, transparency and speed in transactions. Insurers will capitalise and learn from the exponential increase in data insights as wide scale use of wearables and intelligent sensors in consumer goods becomes the norm. Cognitive technologies will transform services for consumers and businesses alike by humanising the services we receive delivered by a new workforce blending AI technology and people.

The new world of financial services will be more interconnected, more collaborative and frictionless. 

Are you ready? 

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