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The Future for Family Offices

The Future for Family Offices

Looking ahead to the opportunities & challenges for wealthy individuals and family offices


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At KPMG we have been advising individuals and family businesses for many years. Recently we have seen an increasing number of wealthy families creating family offices to help them to manage their personal affairs. There are many factors that this can be attributed to, from growing complexity both and home and internationally and an ever-increasing need for expert advice to a breakdown in trust between families and their former financial advisers following the financial crisis.

The establishment and running of a family office can be complicated and time consuming and requires advice and expertise across a broad range of subjects from the underlying investments to operations and governance. It is this need that led us to a centre of excellence for all things Family-Office related. To celebrate the launch of Family Office Services, we have collaborated with Spear’s to put together the enclosed collection of articles. These highlight just some of the topics we are currently discussing with our Family Office clients as they establish, protect and grow their legacies in preparation for tomorrow’s world. We hope you enjoy reading them.

View the PDF or see each individual article below. 

Further insights from Catherine Grum, Head of KPMG's Family Office Services, have been shared with campden FB as she discusses the challenges Brexit poses for family offices and the advice she'd give to anyone considering starting a foundation.

This article represents the views of the author only, and does not necessarily represent the views or professional advice of KPMG in the UK.

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