Transforming Technology

Transforming Technology

How will technology disrupt your organisation?

How will technology disrupt your organisation?

Technology is transforming society, and business and government along with it. The steadiest of industries are facing rapid and fundamental shifts. Is there any industry that can't be 'AirBnB'd' or 'Uberised'?

Harnessing technology successfully means investing in innovation. Yet, we believe many businesses are missing great opportunities to do this.  Most want technologies to prove themselves before they adopt them. Erring on the side of caution can mean innovation arrives too late to be effective or provide a competitive advantage.

Inflexible IT systems and insufficient corporate memory could also prevent you from satisfying regulatory demands and meeting customer commitments. Outdated IT systems often struggle with expanding product ranges and modern methods of communicating with customers. All of which can quickly affect your bottom line. In extreme cases, failure to address regulatory and security shortfalls can result in punitive fines - with all the reputational damage that follows.

With developments such as BYOD (bring your own device), the Internet of things and cognitive automation, businesses are enabling more people to access data from more devices.

Technology is transforming organisations from within and without. A confident and robust technology strategy is a fundamental requirement for businesses of all sizes and aspirations.

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