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Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

KPMG’s Connected and Autonomous vehicles report shows how driverless cars will transform the UK economy and expand automotive manufacturing.




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Connected and autonomous vehicles will provide huge social, industrial and economic benefits to the UK. KPMG’s study has established that the UK is well-positioned to capitalise on the development and manufacture of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Key highlights

The report provides an economic impact assessment of the contribution that intelligent vehicles can make to the UK and reaches some telling conclusions:

  • The overall economic and social benefit of connected and autonomous vehicles could be in the region of £51 billion per year by 2030.
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles could create an additional 320,000 jobs in the UK by 2030, of which 25,000 would be in automotive manufacturing.
  • By 2030, connected and autonomous vehicles could save more than 2,500 lives and prevent more than 25,000 serious accidents in the UK.

These insights demonstrate why connected and autonomous vehicles must be a key strategic priority for the UK. View the full report.

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