Grow your business

Grow your business

Growth does not happen by accident, data and analytics can help.

Growth does not happen by accident, data and analytics can help.

Profitable growth is an imperative, not an option.

It takes insight, smart decisions and confidence to grow. The increased volume of data gives you the opportunity to become more profitable and enjoy increased growth, if you know what to do with it.

We believe that understanding your customer's motivation and behaviours is critical to better serving your clients. As analytics become increasingly integral to decision making this analysis can help you improve the customer experience, drive customer satisfaction and achieve profitable growth.

Our data and analytics professionals work with you to help capture new customer segments, capitalise on emerging market trends and create new products and services.


How is KPMG helping an international food retailer expand their footprint?

A UK-based company in the retail sector, with presence in 350 locations, came to KPMG for assistance on site selection during its ambitious expansion program. Aggressive timelines for international expansion made the need for intelligent site selection critical. To further complicate the challenge, new stores were being planned in unfamiliar new geographies and locations where the company lacked firsthand business experience.

By looking across more than 6,500 different data ‘signals’ – including local demand drivers and sales indicators – the company was able to create accurate estimates of customer demand. Based on this data, the KPMG team was able to provide an exceptionally clear picture of how any potential location will perform - from start-up to any timeframe of days, weeks and months over a three-year period.

The client selected KPMG for our deep experience in the market. We were able to demonstrate an understanding and practical application of sophisticated analytics techniques such as Advanced Clustering Algorithms.

Supported by KPMG in the UK’s ‘Always-On’ solutions (which listen to internal and external signals that can be translated into new insights on local markets and people), the organisation recognised that KPMG’s approach would allow them to rigorously test new locations before investing significant capital.

Ultimately, the retailer was able to improve the return on their new store investments. In the future, they will have the capability to develop a new, improved and highly accurate forecasting, replenishment ordering and labour scheduling system.

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