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Maximise new opportunities and meet challenges head on in the leisure sector.

Maximise new opportunities and meet challenges head on in the leisure sector.

We help companies from across the UK leisure industry, including tour operators, pubs, restaurants, hotel groups, online gaming providers, sporting facilities, and entertainment venues.

From complex geo-political shifts and new regulations, to agile competitors and sophisticated consumer demands, there are increasing challenges that the leisure sector faces. 

Across our audit, tax and advisory capabilities, we provide market insight and technical expertise, drawing upon our global network of 152 countries, to enable you to:
Improve the customer experience: Use data and analytics to understand consumer behaviour, seamlessly integrate digital with the face-to-face customer experience, and build brand loyalty.
Strive for growth: Transform your business, operating, or financial model to deliver real and sustainable results.
Make the most out of deals: Determine lucrative investment opportunities and implement strategic buying and selling decisions to capitalise on M&A.
Increase productivity: Simplify processes to create efficiencies and commit to your people strategy to empower your workforce.
Protect your business:
Understand and adhere to industry regulations to safeguard your business – customers and employees.

Examples of our work include:
1. Helping a large hospitality company optimise their human capital and financial management processes by implementing tools that provide insights and empower better decision making.

2. Working with a global brewing company to enhance their cyber security and therefore safeguard vital information assets more effectively.

3. Advising bidders for hotel groups, helping drive the best deals for growth.



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