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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Shaping the future of wealth management.

Shaping the future of wealth management.

Since the global financial crisis, the wealth management industry has continued to evolve against a backdrop of sustained market growth, strategic regulation and rapidly increasing digitisation. 

Demographic trends, evolving client needs and a fluid fiscal policy underpin the growth of this industry. We expect the wealth management industry to continue playing an integral role in helping individuals meet their financial objectives.

However, the wealth management industry must continue to innovate in order to respond to new challenges and opportunities, including volatile market conditions, changing client expectations, the blurring of traditional industry boundaries, the onset of the digital age and sustained regulatory scrutiny. 

Why KPMG? 

KPMG’s wealth management experts are passionate about the sector and reshaping its future. Our teams are expanding rapidly, both in the UK and worldwide – and what sets them apart is their ability to draw on both deep industry knowledge and the unique insights offered by our integrated, multidisciplinary practice. 

Call it ‘connected consultancy’ in action: our front to back operational transformation offering encompasses everything from deal advisory, audit and tax services to customer experience, digital innovation, cyber security and regulatory solutions. 

We can help your business: 

  • Establish a strategic foundation of operating leverage
  • Deliver superior client outcomes and experience
  • Create and refresh capabilities to remain relevant and grow
  • Navigate risk and regulation
  • Generate Deal Value to reinforce business scalability and agility