Peter Steeds

Associate Partner, B2B Tax Ps and As

KPMG in the UK

Peter spent over 30 years working at HMRC and has extensive experience with APAs. In one of his many roles at HMRC, Peter was the Competent Authority team leader responsible for the UK's programme of dispute resolution through MAP and APA.

  • Peter has a proven track record working alongside large corporates in his role as Competent Authority leader, assisting taxpayers across a broad array of sectors. As he advanced in his role, Peter become more involved in governance related matters. Following this, Peter worked in the Large Business Service on resolving the biggest transfer pricing enquiries in HMRC’s history.
  • Peter's most recent role at HMRC is Deputy Director at Business International, Head of Transfer Pricing for HMRC. In this role, Peter led the transfer pricing work of the department both internally and externally, holding responsibility for policy, compliance and dispute resolution work. During this time, Peter chaired the Transfer Pricing Board which sets the strategic direction of HMRC's transfer pricing compliance programme, and also the governance body determining resolution of enquiries.
  • In his role as Bureau member and delegate for Working Party 6 at the OECD, Peter has worked directly on the BEPS project with the OECD. Through his work on the BEPS initiative, particularly addressing key issues on substance and intangibles, Peter brings unique and relevant insight. Peter’s role on Working Party 6 means he led discussions in the UK to influence in practice how HMRC would treat similarly contentious issues. 
  • Government and Public Sector
  • International Markets
  • Tax
  • Transfer Pricing