Matthew Roach

Head of i-4, FS Cyber Security

KPMG in the UK

Matt is Head of i-4 and leads the world's longest running cyber security leadership community. Matt manages the KPMG i-4 cyber threat intelligence exchange for member organisations, and identifies new, relevant and insightful information security content to share with i-4 members at conferences and round table forums. i-4 is a confidential trust group for chief information security officer (CISOs) and cyber security leaders to find enriching content in order to stay ahead of today's cyber security challenges.


  • Matthew has led the investigation of some of the most demanding organised crime cases in the UK, operating at the very highest levels of covert policing and latterly in commercial cyber security.
  • He began his career with the Metropolitan Police Service, rising to the Serious and Organised Crime Agency and latterly the National Crime Agency and is a founder of the National Cyber Crime Unit.
  • He received commendations from Crown Court Judges and the Agency's Director-General following his leadership of an investigation into a European organised crime network that imported £9m of heroin, cocaine and amphetamine into the UK. Earning the group members combined over 200 years in custody.
  • He led the National Cyber Crime Unit's Tactical Industry Partnerships Team to many operational successes, collaborating with global law enforcement and private sector partners.

Professional and Industry Experience

  • Whilst working on the UK Anti-Kidnap and Extortion Unit, he gave advice to senior commanders on covert tactics and lectured on the globally renowned Strategic Command Course for senior police commanders at Bramshill.
  • As a hostage negotiator, worked alongside victims to implement the Senior Investigator’s strategy to negotiate the safe release of many kidnapped individuals and reduce the UK wide threat-to-life from commercial product contamination.
  • Within the National Cyber Crime Unit, Matthew led the investigation into the first global cases of Ransomware, affecting USA, Canada and Europe, proliferated through ‘malvertising’ on adult pornographic websites. He coordinated the global synchronised take down of malicious infrastructure and seizure of critical evidence.
  • He took the first UK law enforcement activity against an international organised crime group engaged in money laundering through virtual currency. He gave advice to the Home Office, briefing ministers on the risks posed to UK PLC.
  • As Head of i-4, leads a global community of CISOs from international corporations to educate, enrich and enlighten today’s and tomorrow’s cyber security leaders.
  • Level 3 Principles of Leadership and Management, Institute of Leadership and Management

  • Cyber security

  • Strategy