Gareth Newport

Gareth Newport

Director, R&D Tax

KPMG in the UK

Gareth works with leading banks, insurers, investment managers and the latest Fintech’s assisting them to obtain Government incentives and grants, both locally in the UK and globally. A particular focus is the R&D Incentive program where he leverages his computing background to understand the technical nature of development activities undertaken by a particular financial services company to assess whether or not they meet the eligibility requirements for the incentive.

Gareth and his team are currently preparing R&D Incentive applications for the following types of financial services projects:

• New or improved ICT architectures to seamlessly interact with third party systems or environments, such as the integration of global stock exchanges, core banking transformations, integration of cloud based systems and extensions to include latest generation products and services.

• Development of advanced investment platforms, such as execution management systems, derivatives trading systems, internalisations engines and real time pricing systems.

• The creation of technology systems to support the early adoption of new  financial services, products and regulatory processes, such as global payments systems, investment risk analysis engines and anti-money laundering control systems

• Development of ultra-low latency transactional systems and architectures to improve the effectiveness of algorithmic trading.

• Advances in data science, database architectures and applications to analyse and predict outcomes based on large data sets of structured and unstructured information.

Areas of expertise
Research and development Research and development incentives Tax
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