Enrique Martin

Director, KPMG’s Global Head of Insurance Transfer Pricing

KPMG in the UK

Enrique works in KPMG’s banking transfer pricing team leading some of the key accounts. He started his career in financial markets and started focusing on transfer pricing in 2005 when he joined KPMG in 2009. Enrique is an economist by training.

  • Before focusing on financial services, Enrique worked across a number of industries including: pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas and telecommunications. He has expertise in a number of areas of transfer pricing.
  • Enrique has experience in financial services specific issues such considering the interaction of regulatory regimes and transfer pricing, permanent establishment issues, remuneration of high value added services, valuation of financial instruments, etc.
  • Enrique has assisted a number of clients with business restructuring and transfer of asset portfolios driven by regulatory changes or business strategy in financial services.
  • Enrique has experience in intra-group financing issues including setting and defending group treasury policies; setting and supporting loan pricing arrangements and allocating the residual profit generated from group cash pooling arrangements. 
  • Enrique has been involved in tax authority audits and APAs across all areas of transfer pricing and across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
  • Enrique has been involved in preparing transfer pricing documentation for multinational groups. He is currently preparing BEPS ActIon 13 compliant transfer pricing documentation across his client base.
  • Enrique leads the UK stream of KPMG’s benchmarking technology solutions to support transfer pricing documentation.
  • Banking
  • Financial Services