Chris Malloch

Director, Restructuring, KPMG UK

KPMG in the UK

Since joining KPMG in 2007, Chris has been heavily involved in providing advice and solutions to indebted individuals in Scotland who are unable to pay their debts as they fall due.

The personal debt solutions team in Scotland have successfully helped over 20,000 people successfully complete a formal Debt Solution, giving them the opportunity for a debt free future.

Recognising a shift in the manner in which people seek advice, away from the free money advice sector and increasing to online services, Chris has radically transformed how we go to market. An early mover in the firm for direct to consumer activities, Chris devised and implemented a direct to consumer offering in the personal debt solutions space. Our primary route to market is now via Personal Debt Solutions.

Chris has also expanded our service offering to include access to the Scottish Government’s Debt Arrangement Scheme. We are now unique in the market with the resource, knowledge and experience of a Big 4 Firm providing access to all of the formal Debt Solutions available in Scotland.

Always an advocate of using technology to assist in the advice giving process, recent developments have included making use of the opportunities which open banking presents to rapidly understand an individual’s circumstances and use that information to help with insights into appropriate formal debt solutions.

Education and qualifications
  • MSci (Hons), Physics, University of Glasgow

  • MSc Clynical Physics, University of Glasgow

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency

Areas of expertise
  • Protected Trust Deeds

  • Sequestration (Scottish bankruptcy)

  • Debt Arrangement Scheme

  • Direct to consumer digital marketing

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