Mark Cliffe

Senior Advisor

KPMG in the UK

Mark is a Senior Advisor supporting the growth and promotion of KPMG’s ESG business.

He is highly respected as an experienced and adaptable economist and thought leader who excels in analysing disruptive change. Over many years he has delivered expert analysis of the global environment in engaging and practical ways to enhance executive decision-making. Having led global research teams for leading banks and financial services firms, he has a wealth of experience in face-to-face marketing to corporate executives, policy makers and broader stakeholders. Mark is also prominent in the global media, including broadcast, print and online channels. He has also been a frequent conference and webinar speaker, delivering forward-looking insights on economics, markets, politics, environment, technology and consumer behaviour.

Mark has a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to economics which embraces the Environment, Social and Governance agenda. He has long championed sustainable growth, notably with his work on climate change, digital disruption and financial inclusion.

  • MA Double First in Economics, Christ's College, Cambridge

  • Economics

  • Forecasting and Scenario Planning

  • ESG

  • Climate Risk

  • Banking