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The state of intelligent automation

The state of intelligent automation

The state of intelligent automation

Easing the pressure points and scaling with confidence

Across 13 countries, nearly 600 business leaders were surveyed about their thoughts on intelligent automation. Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation, a new report by KPMG International and HFS Research, uses the data and insights captured to shine a light on the readiness of many modern organisations for the adoption of intelligent automation (IA) technologies and highlights the steps needed to help evaluate and scale in your business.

Within the report it is clear that many organisations are finding it difficult to demonstrate initial value through IA activities. Though many of them are actively implementing IA to an extent, initiatives are often impeded by a lack of integration, co-ordination and prioritisation by the business.

From skills shortages, to addressing how IA will change how people work, business leaders know that their counterparts are moving ahead with IA and action is needed – now.

With lessons from global, world leading organisations as well as KPMG experts in this space; this report explains how future leaders are capturing value from their present IA investments today.

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