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Our people


We’re unlocking the potential of our people by providing opportunities to learn for a lifetime.

We're committed to developing a culture of continuous learning and professional development. By investing in our people, we’re able to support them to grow and progress in their own way, and build a strong, inclusive and high performing workforce. One that puts its clients and impact on society at the heart of its business.

We're continuously adapting our approach to learning to ensure it aligns with our Trust & Growth business strategy, addresses current skills gaps, and prepares for future skill requirements too. We recognise that everyone learns in different ways, so in line with the UN Sustainable Development goals, we take measures to ensure our offering promotes equality and accessibility and provides lifelong learning opportunities for all. We're adapting the way people access learning too, with an increase in digital and virtual courses that reflect our new ways of working.

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Total spend on learning and development / £27.1m FY21 (FY20: £31.7m)
Average number of hours spent on learning and development / 39 hours per person FY21 (FY20: 44 hours per person)
Hybrid learning can promote connectedness

39% percent of our learning was virtual or digital before the pandemic*, but home working has meant our training is now completely location agnostic.  Our Learning team have embraced the adoption of new technologies to develop a hybrid Learning model.  Using new collaboration technology, virtual whiteboards, and many other interactive devices we are devising more engaging ways to connect colleagues to virtual and digital content to accelerate their development.

The emphasis has always been on self-driven personal growth and development and deep technical skills, and we want to keep making it easier for colleagues to manage their on-the-job learning and career paths. Learning also has an important role to foster colleague connection and well-being, and we will continue to ensure performance development is at the heart of our colleagues’ career journeys.  Soon we will be introducing new virtual classroom technology which will bring the best internal and external resources to colleagues wherever they are and however they prefer to learn.

*FY19-21 data