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Our clients

How we're helping to build sustainable, resilient and purpose-led organisations for today and tomorrow.

Customers, employees, shareholders and lenders have changed their expectations of the businesses they want to buy from, work for and invest in. From Scotland to Cornwall we've supported organisations big and small for over 150 years to have a more positive impact on the UK and beyond. Together we can build a more sustainable, fairer and prosperous country.

Chris Hearld / Chief Financial Officer and Head of Regions, KPMG in the UK

This is a time of seismic change for businesses as the ESG agenda, and opportunities around it, grow in scale and urgency. For us and our clients, being able to tell the story of your business through an ESG lens, backed up by robust reporting, will be crucial to future success.

John McCalla-Leacy / Head of ESG, KPMG in the UK

Accelerating ESG outcomes for our clients

We're all facing the challenge of transitioning to a future where ESG needs to be at the core of what you do and how you do it. Drawing on expertise from across the full breadth of our firm, we work with our clients to transform the environmental, social, and governance foundations that make up their business.

We do this through:

Market-leading propriety tooling Our Climate IQ tool measures the probability and impact of climate risks, factoring in timings, dependencies and root causes. Our ESG IQ tool helps asset managers to gain a deeper understanding of the ESG performance of existing and prospective assets. Find out more:
Carbon Pricing and new Carbon Tax rules
Deep risk and regulatory expertise We have expertise across multiple disclosure frameworks, including on their applicability to our clients' businesses and reporting best-practice. We share insights on creating a strategic advantage by embedding these frameworks alongside ESG risk management. Find out more:
ESG Reporting, are you ready for year end?
A connected enterprise-wide approach Taking a connected approach across our service lines to best advise our clients on how to shape their value chain to respond to ESG challenges, comply with incoming regulation, and to look after their people and our planet. Find out more:
Accelerating the S in ESG
Being at the forefront of innovation Supporting leading businesses in the energy sector to build the hydrogen economy and design emissions reduction technology in pursuit of Net Zero. Find out more:
Hindsight is 2050 vision
Extensive green finance experience Be it as an independent reviewer, an assurance provider or as loan origination support, we have supported our clients in using over £1.5bn of affordable green debt to fund their sustainable transition. Find out more:
ESG financing, the future is now
A purpose-led approach Guided by our own global purpose – to inspire confidence and empower change – we help our clients' businesses to become sustainable, resilient, and purpose-led organisations. Find out more:
What comes first, Profit or Responsibility
Figuring out the future of the world Play video Malini and Michael's decarbonisation story
Helping clients lead on ESG Play video Beth's story of combining passion and skill
Digitising journeys

Reducing environmental impact by focusing on data.

Ewa is a Data Analytics Manager in our Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare (IGH) team, working on a project that digitally enables the bus industry across the country by giving the public access to real-time bus locations and arrival data from their mobile devices.

“As a team, we recognise the importance of this national rollout. Not only will it increase convenience for millions of passengers, but in turn we expect to see a decrease in car journeys, helping the public to reduce their environmental impact”, says Ewa.

“We've created a brilliant team with a culture where people aren't afraid to innovate, fail quickly and continuously evolve”, she goes on to say.

With clients becoming increasingly focused on reducing their carbon footprint, Ewa explains that the dual benefit of this data-focused management system means that not only will its rollout provide a high-quality outcome for the bus industry's customers, making public transport more accessible, it will also leave a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Ewa / Manager, Modelling & Analytics

The power of our multi-disciplinary firm

The world is changing fast and so are the expectations of customers, employers, investors and lenders.

By bringing together experts from across our firm and global network, we help our clients to solve their most complex problems and to build sustainable, resilient, and purpose-led organisations.

This is the power of our multi-disciplinary firm in action.

78% / of our colleagues feel our commitment to quality is apparent in what we do on a day-to-day basis* 2021 Global People Survey (2020: 83%)

*Data based on 6,310 colleague responses. Note that prior year surveys used a mix of response scale options for each question – some used a five-point scale from Agree to Disagree, and others used a five-point scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. To promote consistency, and to align with external benchmarks, the response scales for all questions were moved this year to the five-point scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Analysis by our survey vendor shows that scores are, on average, 5% lower for the questions whose scale has been amended this year. Therefore, declines in scores of 5% or less may be the result of the scale change rather than an actual change in employee opinion.

Audit We obtain deep audit insight, increase transparency and harness innovative technology. Find out more
Tax We help our clients to navigate tax policy with specialist knowledge and technology. Find out more
Consulting We bring together content, technology and solutions that deliver results that matter. Find out more
Deal Advisory We help our clients to navigate the complexities of deal making and deliver real value. Find out more

Creating impact with insights

Insight gives businesses the ability to be bold and innovative. To make informed, strategic decisions and stay on top of change. Our insight and expertise support our clients to drive performance, stay compliant and build sustainable businesses.

University partnerships

We've put our commitment to collaboration in regional markets at the heart of our plans for the future of work. We've launched the first in a number of strategic partnerships to drive insight for clients and support the regional economic growth agenda. The first relationships are with the University of Leeds and the University of Nottingham.

Each collaboration has a different specialism that utilises the strengths of the university and delivers a number of initiatives, including deep and commercially useful insights to businesses, amplifying growth, innovation and productivity in regional economies. They will also explore joint initiatives regarding sectorial industry insights, skill building, learning opportunities and the sharing of collaboration space.

The University of Leeds partnership will initially focus on entrepreneurship and the scale-up of high growth businesses, through the university's innovation hub, Nexus. Nexus is a community of high growth start-ups and entrepreneurs. Its members have access to individualised business support, opportunities and connections, enabling them to innovate and deliver real commercial impact quickly. The partnership will extend to the wider university to produce joint research projects and explore learning and skills development opportunities for students, businesses and our colleagues.

The University of Nottingham partnership will focus on advanced data analytics. Specialists from the University's Data-Driven Discovery Initiative (3Di) and KPMG will develop new research and provide insight that will enhance data and analytics services for businesses. The partnership will also hold events to support the innovative ideas of small and medium sized enterprises in the East Midlands Region and provide data skills training to help close the digital skills gap.

The partnerships will further strengthen our place-based approach to community engagement. They will provide mutual benefit by enhancing our own award-winning community programme – supporting our commitment to raising the percentage of community beneficiaries we reach in social mobility coldspot areas from 20% to 30% by 2022 - and helping the universities to deliver further social value across their regions too.


Our Ignition services are designed to bring together insights, people and technology to spark innovation and help deliver the lasting change needed to thrive in today's world. Our innovative methods, tools and environments, coupled with expert insight, help businesses to frame and solve problems fast, without sacrificing the critical conversations needed to drive powerful, long lasting outputs.

Insights content

Our dedicated Insights webpage brings together our latest thinking and research on subjects that matter most to our stakeholders. Over the last year, our new reality for business leaders content hub, which brought together events, insights and updates, has helped to support CEOs and industry experts to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New reality for business leaders

In March 2020 we launched the first of a series of webinars to help clients navigate through the pandemic. Now, 44 webinars later with over 54,000 attendees, our new reality series has been evaluated by many clients as mandatory viewing.

Drawing on expertise from the UK and around the world, we facilitate discussions with leading CEOs, senior government and industry commentators together with our own experts to provide insight and advice on topical subjects every fortnight. The events are interactive with audience surveys and questions and always end with a well-being story or tip of the week. Our digital event platform enables attendees to download supporting content and guides on those issues that businesses have grappled with during the pandemic like furloughing, working from home and accelerating technology transformation.

The new reality webinar series continues to provide vital insight and expertise to organisations of all sizes across all sectors, with the support of our luminary speakers who are generous in sharing their lessons learnt and plans for the future. It is now focused on helping clients adapt to the changing future including the ESG agenda and accelerating changes to their businesses including transforming with technology to drive sustainable performance.

Hybrid futures
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