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We are leading the way by setting ambitious new environmental targets, approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative, helping us to become Net Zero by 2030. Meeting these targets will ensure our carbon footprint is reduced in line with the requirements set out in the Paris Agreement.

We’ve made bold commitments to:

  • Use 100 percent renewable energy across our estate 
  • Transition our company car scheme to offer only electric vehicles 
  • Significantly reduce the carbon impact of our supply chain and business travel 

Taking climate action

Here’s how we’ve reduced our carbon emissions by over 20 percent since 2010:

  • Retrofitting energy efficient technologies in our buildings.
  • Innovating in our buildings to achieve BREEAM excellent standards.
  • Procuring renewable energy
  • Avoiding unnecessary business travel by investing in tele/video conferencing technology.

Promoting the circular economy

Here’s how we’re reducing our consumption of natural resources:

  • Reducing and removing single-use plastics
  • Investing in technology to reduce water use
  • Improving our digital platforms to reduce paper use, such as paperless expenses
  • Introducing composting where possible
  • Recycling specialist waste including carpets, hardware and furniture

Boosting biodiversity

We manage a hive of over 40,000 bees on the roof of our Canary Wharf office. We also support solitary bees by placing bee hotels and planting pollinator flowers across our estate. We want our people to have a positive impact on the environment around them, so we spend time teaching them what they can do to support pollinators in their gardens at home. This is all in support of our commitment to DEFRA’s national pollinator strategy.

We know we can do even more to boost biodiversity. That’s why, in line with our Net Zero targets, we are reviewing our approach and finding ways to do more.


Engaging and influencing communities

We work with stakeholders and communities around the UK to encourage sustainable business practices;

  • Helping suppliers reduce their emissions through our sustainable procurement programme
  • Encouraging suppliers to submit their emission data to CDP
  • Sharing sustainable practices with suppliers and partners
  • Working with local suppliers, where possible, to reduce emissions
  • Influencing commercial landlords

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