Annual Review 2018 - Waste in our time - KPMG United Kingdom
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Waste in our time

Our environment belongs to all of us, and we all have a responsibility to ensure we leave it in a better place for future generations

At KPMG, we’re keen to play our part and we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and using resources more efficiently.

Launched in March 2018, Waste in our time is KPMG’s award-winning initiative to reduce waste and increase recycling. The initiative focuses on minimising the amount of plastic waste we generate.

So far, this initiative has led to us taking the following actions:

  • We introduced compostable coffee cups at our London office, which can be recycled through our existing composting bins. On average, this will mean an estimated 550,000 coffee cups being composted each year. We also removed a high street brand from the office as they were unable to comply with our compostable cup requirements.
  • We’ve removed plastic cutlery in ten of our sites around the UK. This will eliminate more than 250,000 pieces of plastic waste.
  • Our colleagues now receive a discount at our coffee bars if they bring a reusable cup, or use crockery. In support of our National Charity, they can also donate their discount direct to the NSPCC if they wish.
  • Working with social enterprise ‘Give Me Tap’, we have rolled out free KPMG water bottles across the country, replacing the need for plastic cups and reducing our consumption by over 3 million per year. The social enterprise lets people access free water wherever they are in the UK through their phone, and 20% of its revenue goes to providing clean water in Africa.
  • We’ve also replaced all of our ‘hot vend’ plastic cups with either paper or compostable alternatives. This has allowed us to completely remove plastic cups from our offices, taking our total to 6 million plastic cups removed from our operations
  • In Birmingham, Manchester, and Watford, we have teamed up with ‘Simply Cups’, a closed loop recycling service to collect and recycle paper hot drink cups at our offices. A nationwide expansion is now in progress.
  • We’re also working with suppliers to reduce plastics in our deliveries and purchase of products where we can.


Waste in our time
Distributing KPMG bottles

Our initiative will continue to be driven by the passion of our leadership and colleagues to make a positive difference to our environment. Waste in our time has already had a transformative impact in reducing our environmental impact – to date, we have removed over 6.2 million pieces of single use plastic from our UK offices – but our ambition is to do more.

We’re also taking a global approach to plastic reduction to understand our global impact, share our lessons with other offices around the world, evaluate different reduction strategies and monitor and report our progress externally.