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Our national charity:

We’re passionate about our role in tackling some of the biggest social and economic challenges facing the UK today

We recognise that the life chances of our young people are strongly influenced by their earliest years and we want to make a real impact in addressing these challenges.

It’s important for us as a business that our people have the opportunity to drive our corporate responsibility work. It’s the reason we give our staff six days (42 hours) every year to support our communities through fundraising and volunteering, and why this year we asked our staff to select the charities that we work with.

Over 8,600 colleagues voted for their preferred charity and we were delighted to announce the winner was NSPCC. We share a passionate belief that young people from all backgrounds should have the power to shape their future and that by protecting children today, we enable them to succeed tomorrow.

Following the announcement of our national charity, we have worked closely with the NSPCC to create unique fundraising and volunteering opportunities for our people.

Our colleagues have raised money for the charity through fundraising activities such as quizzes, sports days, climbing the Gherkin – one of London’s most iconic skyscrapers – as well as an abseil down our London office building. Colleagues have also supported the NSPCC through skilled-volunteering – for example, our Cyber Security practice teamed up with NSPCC’s online safety specialists to help them with their child safety online campaign.

KPMG UK NSPCC abseil challenge

It’s brilliant that KPMG offers staff six days a year to volunteer, as it enables us to lend expertise and make a tangible difference to the causes we support.

The abseil posed a real challenge to many who took part, myself included! But knowing every penny raised provides vital support to services like Childline really motivated me to take that leap.

Natasha Stidder, KPMG UK volunteer

We also know that small personal contributions are just as important, and we’ve pledged to match the regular monthly contributions made by our people through Payroll Giving.

Our goal is to raise £1 million to help reach 300,000 young people across the UK. With the help of our people we can tackle abuse and neglect through the NSPCC’s school programme, and help keep children safe with Childline.

Beyond fundraising, our collaboration with the NSPCC has also enabled our people to volunteer in the charity’s key initiatives, which not only help us to strengthen our community impact, but also help our colleagues to develop skills such as coaching and presentation. Across the country, many of our staff will be using their six annual volunteering days to work to support Childline and the Speak out Stay safe schools programme.

The money KPMG is raising will change lives for the better; helping more children get the best start in life and to fulfil their true potential. And so will the array of volunteering opportunities available, where KPMG skills, time and energy will accelerate what the NSPCC would otherwise be able to achieve.

Peter Wanless, CEO, NSPCC

KPMG UK NSPCC event stand

The whole experience has helped me to grow. I think the empathy aspect has been really useful for me, because it's quite different from my day job. There are a lot of things I do within Customer Experience Transformation [KPMG UK Team], and empathy has made my client conversations better and has probably made them more meaningful too.

Ga Lok, KPMG UK NPSCC Childline volunteer