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Helping clients navigate
the global economy

Technology is enabling businesses to be more global – increasing the interconnectivity between products, value chains and business models.

Offices and functions may be spread across locations all around the world, economic activity at those sites may vary depending on the needs of the business, and employees may be required to do more international travel between offices.

By unlocking these new ways of doing business, technology also raises fundamental questions of where and how value should be taxed, and how international businesses can be supported to manage the associated pressures and regulatory complications.

Our dedicated Global Mobility Services practice was set up to help clients navigate an interconnected global economy. Our expert teams support clients with global tax as well as social security advisory and compliance services, international human resources and expatriate assignment management services. We also offer immigration assistance and international payroll advisory services.

Business travel is on the increase as employees support the desire of businesses for greater globalisation. At the same time, employers are under greater scrutiny from global authorities, and subject to greater expectations from their key talent to manage their compliance and Duty of Care obligations. This collaboration will enable organisations to better manage their risk and compliance obligations and future proof their travel compliance processes.

Marc Burrows, Head of Global Mobility Services, KPMG UK

Many international businesses require their employees to make regular site visits, often working from unfamiliar or remote environments. So this year, we launched a new partnership with International SOS to provide a one-stop service for risk management and mobility services. International SOS is the world's largest medical and travel security services firm, providing medical, travel security advice and assistance to organisations with people living and travelling abroad.

The new service will provide a single technology solution, allowing our clients to better support their employees before, during and after short and long-term travel. It includes high-quality medical and security advice and assistance, and expert advice in cross-border taxation, social security, immigration and HR policy.

By partnering with International SOS, we can support existing and new clients with the pressures of doing business around the world.

We have been working closely with KPMG for some time and know that formalising our collaborative approach will deliver even more efficient processes for our clients. This collaboration is the first of its kind and will enable travel managers, mobility managers and others responsible for international assignees to address a number of personnel and financial challenges in the ever complex world of travel risk. Working with clients to optimise our complementary services and technology in relation to travel risk, compliance and Duty of Care, allows global employers to take a more holistic approach to business traveller management.

Philippe Maezelle, Chief Commercial Officer, International SOS